Workshop Testimonials

What participants say about our Training Programs:

The workshop was extremely informative …

The presenters were able to address the vast array of questions that were asked.

The AWHL workshop was very engaging and well put together…

It was an open and inviting format and easy to participate in.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the presenters and the use of practical examples.

The workshop was valuable because it increased our awareness of domestic violence.

… helpful in opening up or field of vision with regard to domestic violence and how we can play a role in providing a solution.

The presentation vastly improved my knowledge and understanding of violence against women.

These training [sessions] are very much needed and I look forward to attending the next one.

Very informative and enlightening. It was the most beneficial session in the psychosocial educational component.

Very developed analysis [of] race, class, gender and sexual orientation was applied all aspects of the presentation.

Great to have such powerful speakers and presenters. Thank you for your hard work, skills, expertise and extensive knowledge.

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